Please invite me to dribbble...

(Possibly the most effort I have EVER invested into begging)

Hi, I'm Davy Kestens.
A freelance web designer on a holy quest, searching for a dribbble account!

I even drew a Chart! Designers love charts!

Look at me! Even the concept of Lorem Ipsum makes sense to me!

I’m an Active online opportunist from Belgium!

Actually, this DIV is a shameless plug of my other projects. It will get me some nice analytics when this page turns up on DIGG! :D

RunAddicts, Running blog Davy Kestens, Talented webdesigner

You.has dribbble-invite 2 spare?

LE-GEN-DA-RY!!! Send it to me and I will become your personal best friend!
I’ll even visit you on your funeral! Ain’t that nice?

You'd be crazy not to send me an invite